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Lewiston Auburn Senior College

Darwin and Wallace: Friends or Rivals

with Thomas Hamilton


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Charles Darwin is famously credited for the discovery of evolution through natural selection, however, less well known is his younger contemporary who independently discovered the same concept: Alfred Russel Wallace. These two extraordinary 19th century men with markedly different backgrounds lived very different lives, however their interests and careers overlapped in many ways. One was independently wealthy, university educated and well-connected with important friends while the other was chronically short of funds, largely self-educated and lacked important social connections. In this course we will review the lives of Darwin and Wallace, examine in some detail how their travels, life experiences and social status shaped their ideas and activities. We will consider the reasons why Darwin is recognized as the “father of the theory of evolution” while Wallace remains in obscurity. No class on March 16 and 23,

Thomas Hamilton retired from a 32-year career as an instructor in biology and chemistry, coach, department chair and dormitory supervisor at Phillips Academy, Andover MA. He holds advanced degrees from the University of Pennsylvania, Brown University and Ball State University.

  • Jan 26 - Mar 30th, 2023
    Thu for 8 weeks from 10:00 am - 12:00 pm

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